Friday, October 01, 2010

NaBloPoMo: October 2010, Day 1

Me: NaBloPoMo, where the object is to post every single day.
Everyone In The World: HAHAHAHAHA. HAAAAA!


The theme is PLAY.

I play Ultimate Frisbee. I am going to Mixed Nats to play lots of frisbee in less than three weeks. I am ... less than keen to go. How bad is that?! Let's try and figure out why I feel like this, okay? Okay.

1)* I was planning a road trip to the tournament with my best work friends. This has been cancelled and now I have to fly on a boring old aeroplane instead of cruising around to every country bakery from here to Bathurst.

2) My awesome fun Pillow Fight team is not going, and now I have to play with stupid successful Smurf, who were nice enough to ask me to play with them and I should be grateful for the opportunity.

3) My best frisbee friends aren't going and I will have no friends (on three whole teams of SA people).

4) (a) We have not trained as a team and
4) (b) I haven't trained by myself meaning
4) (c) I will mess up the plays and
4) (c) I am not fit at all and
4) (d) I've lost all my sprintyness.
(And also I (e) suck on defense, which is now, you know, my job.) I don't want to suck! I am supposed to be a Player To Watch!

On the other hand, there's only three weeks to go. Too late now! No point worrying! Let's just go and have some fun! Yeah? Maybe.


*Lists! And it's only Day 1!

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