Tuesday, October 05, 2010

NaBloPoMo: October 2010, Day 5

Shows That Are Awesome: Fringe.

Part One in a series, no doubt, because I am bad at finding things to talk about.

Fringe is an awesome show. You should watch it. I don't want to say it's like The X-Files, because that sounds too dorky, and also I never really watched too much of The X-Files. But regardless, perfectly "explainable" "scientific" occurrences occur, and the Fringe team is sent to investigate. That's what it's about. As for why you should you watch it, there are three reasons:

1. Joshua Jackson. My childhood crush from The Mighty Ducks. Frequently the only good part of Dawson's Creek. I really shouldn't need to provide any more incentive.

2. John Noble as Walter Bishop. Dude is amazing as the confused, brilliant Dr Walter Bishop, and is being awesome some more this season as Walternate.

3. Anna Torv. Did you know she's Australian? Me neither. Her boring-at-first-glance FBI character Olivia is seriously amazingly acted. This season, Anna Torv is essentially playing four different characters:
- Olivia
- Alternate Universe Olivia
- Alternate Universe Olivia pretending to be Olivia
- Olivia with the memories of Alternate Universe Olivia.
I don't usually care about how nuanced a performance is, I watch television purely for the entertainment factor, but seriously, the subtle differences she's playing here are so impressive.

Oh yeah, and she has gorgeously long hair, which is pretty much all a character needs for me to love her.

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