Wednesday, October 06, 2010

NaBloPoMo: October 2010, Day 6

Also titled, Remembering Why Frisbee Is Fun

One of my teams this season is called the Menagerie. This is awesome for an as yet undetermined number of reasons, but we'll start a list and see what happens, and also it's almost midnight, so I'm cutting this pretty close.

1. It's kind of funny hearing other team captains' pronunciation of "menagerie." Sometimes it comes out very French and these are my favourite times.

2. Each week we pick a different animal to be. We've had moose, weevils, wildebeest, Aragog, and some others that I can't remember at ten to midnight. Today we were the Giraffes.

3. We have very fun girls on our team, so while the boys are off talking tactics, we are discussing the characteristics of our animal and how they apply to frisbee, and deciding what sound our animal makes, and developing animal-specific high fives. We have to do everything.

Also sometimes we get Vili's (24-hour bakery) afterwards. Yay Menagerie!

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