Saturday, October 16, 2010

NaBloPoMo: October 2010, Day 16

I think I will be making a mistake going to Mixed Nats this year.

Not a terrible, horrible, going to ruin my life kind of mistake.

Just the fact that of two sets of circumstances, one would have been better, and I chose not that one.

Then I just kept going along and going along, and now we're less than a week out and it's really pretty much too late not to go. All there is to do is go and run around and have as much fun as possible and don't take it too seriously and make the best of an okay situation.

(Which is unfortunate, because if I decide to skip Nationals next year, because constantly going to frisbee tournaments costs money, I will be doing it backwards, going to Mixed Nats and skipping Nats instead of skipping Mixed Nats and going to Nationals. Silly girl.)

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