Monday, June 08, 2009

Sporting Heroes

I would like to offer two shout-outs to the sporting heroes of today. (As in, like, actually this day today, not as in today this vague region of time.)

The first one is to myself, who stayed for frisbee training, even though we don't have any more League games, and even though it was only 12 degrees and pelting down with rain (a talent I didn't know Adelaide possessed) (the decent rain part, not the cold part) (Adelaide is excellent at doing cold, a fact I tried to block out but which keeps being forced back to me), and even though hail was forecast, and even though I dropped every catch in the Social game prior to training except for the really hard one against like three boys. High five to me!

The second one goes out to my brother, skywalker, whose basketball team won their preliminary final tonight, against probably all predictions except mine, and did it fairly impressively if he did say so himself, 65-36. Nice work, boys, now kick arse in the grand final!

Any other sporting heroes out there today?

1 comment:

  1. Well, be proud of us, we, against all expectations except yours, won the grand final by like 20 or 30.

    Woo! So there razzle!


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