Thursday, June 04, 2009

Phrasebook-Writing Heroes

Cathy from Work (who I'm sure I gave some cleverly-disguised nickname once upon a time, which I now can't remember, so Cathy it is) is going to Europe later in the year, and is naturally very excited about all this. Considering I work in a bookshop which is currently giving away free copies of a French phrasebook, the ideal going-away pumping-up tool seemed obvious.

It was hilarious to read what the writers felt were necessary phrases to be able to say should one find themselves in a foreign country.

Condoms, pregnancy tests, drag queens, and "discos" (hee) all made an appearance, but my favourite came a the end of page filled with "Do you come here often?" "Will you walk me home?" "I like you" "Let's make love" "Do you like this?" Yes, that is nice" "No, stop!"-type phrases.

"Never mind, I'll do it myself."

That is one self-sufficient traveller right there.


  1. I am so glad to read your posts here every day, because a new manager has started at the local supermarket who looks EXACTLY like you. I heard her speak the other day and she had the local accent, so I knew it wasn't you. Still, I'm tempted to go up to her and say "Excuse me, but may I take your picture to send to someone in Australia who looks just like you?"

  2. You should do it! Sounds like I have a twin.


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