Tuesday, December 16, 2008

You Fail Graduation

It turns out that - even if you got a straight High Distinction average (*cough-lowD-cough*) and handed in your last assignment over a year ago - the tests continue.

I had to work today from 10 til 6. The office where I had to pay for my gown hire was open from 9 to 5, so I could go before work - just. (Who needs breakfast or shaved legs anyhow?) The place where I had to pick up said gown did not open til 10, but it was open til 7 tonight, so all was well. (Also I had to get my shoes on my lunch break. Who needs lunch anyway?)



Yeah, no. Not so much. Or at all.

Until me and this other girl who showed up convinced this other random woman - who worked in a different office and who has now vowed never to stay back late at work ever again lest she be roped into Grand Theft Graduation: Gown and Hood Edition again - to let us in so we could pillage caps and gowns to our hearts content.

Graduation test? Passed. Thank god.

Also, my shoes? Gold. The colour on my hood thing? Gold. I totally rock at graduation.


  1. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Congratulations on getting your camp and gown! Now bring on that march and pop that big DIPLOMA in my hand!

    Congratulations on achieving your diploma, earned by all of your hard work! Good job!!

  2. Dude! You could so totally create that game and retire a millionaire!

    I got a gold hoodie at my grad too. We are so awesomely cool - and they of course give the best colour to the best degrees. Naturally.

    CONGRATS ON GRADUATING! I'm so disappointed I can't be there to shout and chant for you!

  3. woo woo, congrats! that's so exciting, you're so much closer to graduation, woo.


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