Saturday, December 20, 2008

Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas

Christmas is coming, y'all! I'm getting excited. Guess how I know it's close?

Christmas shopping: Done. Wrapped and all.

Cyclone/heat wave: Not quite. But the day I was wrapping my presents it was pouring down with rain. Loved it. And today was the first decent beach day of the year. Yay summer!

Christmas tree up: I have the same one as last year (thank you, Carla!) and I bought tinsel for our lounge room and my room.

Breakfast planned: Bacon and eggs, mmm.

Christmas Eve mass and carols: I have a date with Gma and Alyn for December 24. Folding chairs, Christmas carols, and a Santa hat on the saint statue, then we're ready for bed.

Carols in the Domain: I'm watching them right now. It's not Christmas without the Wiggles singing Go Santa Go.

What are your Christmas traditions?

Also: A week til my boys get here! Whoo!


  1. You need to spend Christmas in the U.S. sometime! Snow, snow, snow!

  2. my christmas shopping: not even started yet.

  3. it's so fun hearing beach day and christmas in the same post, haha. and love the christmas plans. mine will be spent all over the place! cannot wait :)


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