Thursday, December 12, 2013


I want to start writing more regularly, and about topics other than running. I really should have done NaBloPoMo, but we can have our own pretend one now. To get back into the swing of it, there might be a few boring posts just for the sake of words.

Today's topic is ... television shows.

I watch a bunch of different shows, but pretty much nothing on the actual television (unless it's connected to my laptop).

In the I Only Have Twenty Minutes and the I Need Something Light categories, we have How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. I probably should have given both of these up a long time ago, but HIMYM is nearing the end, and I can't give up so close to the finish line. And if I stopped TBBT, this category would be empty soon. Formerly in this category: Scrubs, Friends.

In the Surprisingly Good Again After Being Pretty Bad There For A While corner: Grey's Anatomy.
Parenthood and Hart of Dixie both Sucked Me In With One Actress I Love. I am pretty sure that Lauren Graham had a crying scene in every episode for the first season or two. Her character isn't actually that great, but she herself continues to be charming. Also completely charming: Rachel Bilson. (And also Anna-Beth from HoD, the character whose wardrobe I would most like to own for myself.)

I suppose Nashville could be in that category too (as I had finally starting watching Friday Night Lights just prior to it airing). And it and Hart of Dixie can be in the Read The Fug Caps Straight After Watching group.

Because Joss Whedon is obviously a category of its own, but Agents Of SHIELD is also a Why Aren't You More Awesome? show. It was on the Tiny List Of Shows The Boyfriend And I Watch Together, but was recently dropped.Still remaining on that list are QI and Arrow.

Shows That I Really Love When I Get Around To Watching Them, Usually In A Massive Half-Season Chunk include The Vampire Diaries and Once Upon A Time. I really don't know why I feel no urgency to watch them, because I really do like them. Pretty Little Liars and True Blood were in this category, but I kept not watching for so long that I doubt I ever will now.

Happy Surprises From Shows Beginning This Year include Reign and Witches Of East End - the latter in particular, as I had heard nothing about it until after it premiered. However, if things get busy next year, it may get dropped.

And of course, over in the Shows Whose Return I Am Eagerly Awaiting corner, we have Doctor Who and Game Of Thrones.

And dude, I think that is enough. Lucky I have some holidays coming up so I can smash out a few of those backed-up episodes.

PS: In the Shows I Am So Excited Are Being Made Into Movies category: VERONICA MARS.

How do you watch shows? 
Do you agree with my categories?
Am I missing any essential viewing (not that I have time to act on your suggestions)?


  1. And so you should - write more that is. And review more books.
    Though if you are reading lots you might have trouble finding time to write.

    I've just finished the book you gave me for my birthday "Bertie's Guide to Life and Mothers".
    Knowing the level of mayhem that occurs in some of the books you read, I want to advise that the most violent event in the accidental depilation of the right eyebrow of a seriously narcissistic young man, in a waxing establishment.
    Though we are not let into the details of what happened to Bertie's mother when kidnapped by an Arab sheik.
    A great book - thanks for the present.

    1. Glad you liked it! It's lucky that everyone I know likes books as presents.


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