Monday, November 18, 2013


As you can see from the post title, I beat my previous 10k PB by two minutes!

PB: 58:16

The whole race wasn't as super exciting as the 12k where we were constantly surprised and amazed at our awesomeness. But I kept pushing myself and made it in under an hour! Take that, thirty-seconds-over.

I didn't have my running app on, as it had been messing with my music in the lead-up and I figured that music was more important, plus I could do the maths for a 10k easier than a 12. But now that I managed it in under an hour, by myself, I would be really interested to see what my splits looked like.

Two things from that paragraph that I should probably talk about: I can manage my six times tables, even when running. For the most part. For some reason, at the 9k mark, I convinced myself that 9 x 6 was 52, which meant that oh shit, I might only just make it. I sped up, then realised that I am a dumbass, then decided to stay sped up anyway.

This was my first race running without my Running Buddy. I went through a few Imaginary Running Buddies (not that the people were imaginary, the fact that they didn't know they were my running buddies is what makes them imaginary) before I settled on a lady with grey hair and a marathon singlet on. I lost her at the first water break, but we'd kept up a good pace together til then.

I was joined for a little while then overtaken by a frisbee acquaintance who was running with (1) a pram with (2) two kids in it, with whom he was (3) carrying on a conversation, while (4) running faster than me. Some people are very impressive. So he dragged me along for a little while as well, which was nice.

My usual training run has a bridge in it, or two bridges as I like to think of it if you go all the way over the bridge and have to come back over it. This course? Two bridges! All that whinging training paid off.

The boyfriend saw me off, (had breakfast, the jerk,) and then was waiting for me at about the 500m mark. I got a high five and pushed it out from there til I could actually see the finish line and sprinted from there. I did almost throw up when I got to finish line, but I'm not sure if that was maybe a self-fulfilling prophecy. Perhaps I had just run really hard.

The weather was lovely. And I look weird when I run.

I am super happy with my under-an-hour time.
I think it is awesome that I can now casually go out for a thirty minute run (or forty or fifty).
I won't be signing up for any more races immediately, but I will wait and see how frisbee is shaping for next season.
I am truly thankful for everyone who contributed to my running enjoyment this season, including bloggy commenters, facebook likers or commenters, race volunteers, cheer squads, and running buddies real and imaginary.


  1. Congratulations!! This is awesome! You should be way proud of you.

    I also have imaginary race buddies. Usually, because I am a slow runner, they are the people who do walk/runs. I pass them when they walk then they pass me when they run. At the end of the race I always feel as if I should hug them or something because we made it through the race together! But then it occurs to me that I may not have been as important to their race as they were to mine.

  2. Great job! I am very slow but very competitive so my imaginary running buddies are the speed walking elderly women. In my mind I yell, "No way you're beating me with your super fast odd walking!" Ha ha ha


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