Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Happy Birthday!

As I predicted, despite all the hassles and worry beforehand, my wine tour birthday party was totally awesome on the day.

Wine tasting is serious business.

I nominated a rounder-upper so that I didn't have to stress about moving people along on schedule.

The herder of people

We did have a few non-drinkers along, but they all had a great time as well, so I didn't have to stress about that.

We went to four wineries altogether, including the one where we had lunch, and had a good time at all of them, but you really need to visit this one: 

The winery itself is gorgeous, the people were lovely, and the presentation (by the winemaker himself!) was fun and educational and delicious.

Artistic photo of the cellar where we were plied with wine.

They even gave me a cake and birthday card!

Love these guys.

And this guy.

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