Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Run, run, as fast as you can

I am aiming to complete the 12km City to Bay this year, having run all 12ks without having to stop for a walking break.

There. Now it's out there in the universe, and on the afternoon of September 15th, you can check up on whether I managed to meet that goal.

Today I ran for thirty-five minutes all in a row. Now, per the official training program, all I have to do is add on five minutes every week until the race and I should be good to go. Except I just realised that that takes me up to 50 minutes, which HA. That is not 12 of my ks.

I think I will make the final long run whatever time I think the race will take me, because I am not good at the mental stuff. I need to be able to point to that final long run and tell myself (over and over for twelve kilometers), "It's fine. You just did this the other day. You can do it." And hopefully I will listen.

If by chance you want to encourage me in this endeavour, we are raising money for the Little Heroes Foundation. Our fundraising page is here, including some info about why we chose this charity to support. I plan to have the names of donatees on my shirt - somewhere I can see them during the race. Hopefully this peer pressure will get me across the line!

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