Sunday, July 14, 2013

Taking a break

It has been almost a year since I last posted. I blame Facebook.

Anyway, I just came on to let you know that I'm taking a bit of a break from frisbee. I mean, I'll still play Social every week. And I'm already signed up for one fun tournament next month, and there may be more. But I'm not playing League, and I'm not going to Mixed Nats, and I was recently voted off the Board so I have nothing to organise anymore.

It seems like a good time - I would much rather miss Mixed League than Womens, I have played pretty much non-stop since 2009, and I did spend the last year trying to organise womens events so probably I am due for a break.

It will be weird. I think it is probably an ok-to-good decision, given my current lack of confidence in anything related to frisbee (getting picked last in a tournament and being voted out of office will do that to you, apparently). Social will keep me in the loop and allow me to stay in touch with friends. I will have to make sure I concentrate on my running so I don't get unfit and depressed, and am ready to come back strong for the womens Nationals season.

In the meantime, I would like to make a hat, although if the last half-hour I spent on YouTube trying to master the art of crocheting in a circle - and the resulting untangleable knot of wool - is any indication, I might need to look for a new form of distraction.

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