Saturday, August 17, 2013


I strongly believe that if you have a goal you should tell someone, because the act of saying it out loud and putting it out in the universe means that you can now be held accountable by the universe. That's huge.

And oh yes, we are talking about running goals. This has become a fitness blog. Sorry about that, and don't worry, I don't recognise myself either.

My goal for the City to Bay is to complete the race in under one hour and fifteen minutes. Also to not stop for walking breaks. This means we have to run each kilometer in six minutes and fifteen seconds.

We have thus far been doing the long runs each week on grass, in cleats, but I thought it would be a good idea to get used to doing it on road, in runners. This week is the fifty minute one (it goes up by five each week) and so we calculated that we had to run eight ks in that time.

According to my yes-I'm-totally-a-running-app-person-now running app, we ran 7.66 kilometers (so our route planning was a bit out, but that's ok, blame Google maps).

According to the app, it took us 48:51, but according to my stop watch, which I paused whenever we had to stop at intersections, we did it in 46:10. That is 6:01 per kilometer! Even if you listen to the app, we did it in 6:22 which is pretty close to 6:15 kinda not really but the point is our goal of 1 hour 15 minutes is totally doable! Right? I hope.


  1. Totally doable. :) This is awesome! Good luck!

  2. a) great job! b) you are writing again! woo hoo. I miss my old blog friends!


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