Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Status Updates

Bought some Indies-green hair ribbon. Now I'm ready to play!

Entirely too casual about flying to another city. Packed in like 20mins.

Four hour wait for our flight. Reading Persuasion. Thinking of mugging a kid for his Heelys.

Delayed four hours by Tiger but was rewarded with a row to myself. For a one hour flight.

Made it to our apartments in Melbourne. Finally getting excited for Regionals!

At the fields, lovely sunny day. Sure we're in Melbourne?

Looong day. Played four games. Lost to Honey and Team Box, beat Honey DS and VicTas. Cutting awesomely.

Looong discussions about what to do for dinner. Just feed me!

Heading to the beach. Am starving.

Polished off a massive carbonara and garlic bread. At Baskin-Robbins having a Gold Medal Ribbon, appropriately I feel. Ready for sleep.

Final day! Weather still nice! Cooties up first, should be tough.

Having lunch. 1/2 so far today. Clean socks for the last game, should help us beat Cooties again.

Pretty sure the technical term is 'completely unacceptable.'

INDIES ROCK! Qualified third for Nationals. Bring it on in Adelaide!

At Melbourne airport in search of a burger. Yep, found one but it disappeared as fast as dinner last night. Yum.

Picking up Krispy Kremes for the flight.

OMG Tiger line out the door and onto the footpath. Hoping people riot.

Normal line turns out to be quicker than express line, but we're still talking hours of waiting in line.

In the space of 15mins: checked in, security, gate, on plane, take off - was that so hard? (And another row to myself!)

Krispy Kremes for breakfast. And also, can I have some new muscles? These ones are hurting me.

Flinders Social about to start - let's go Wolf Pack! (Wolfpack? WolfPack?)

Haha, another frisbee convert!

First Flinders womens training of the season. Yeah ultimate!

1 comment:

  1. Woo! Go epic Indies performance. Why did you not bring me Krispy Kremes?????

    'Gratz on 3rd


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