Thursday, April 22, 2010

Almost There!

This time tomorrow night, it will be the night before Nationals, and the start of four days of frisbee all day every day.

In contrast to last year's "Hey Vic, wanna play Mixed Nats?" "Sure!" "Ok, let's go!" "OMG quick get fit and awesome," the lead up to Nationals has been long and steady. We joined the gym at the start of the year, and have gone at least once a week every week since. The Indies (squad then team) trained twice a week. I play Social and two games of League a week. Apart from work, it is pretty much all frisbee all the time around here these days.

We held our second-to-last training at the fields where Nationals will be held, to try and make the most of our home ground advantage. (The predicted sea breeze was non-existent, but rain is forecast for the weekend. Awesome.) Just being at those fields upped the intensity, and it was a great training. I know I've cut well if I think a game was good.

Our last training was crap for me so let's just ignore that one, except to note: if fake it til you make it isn't working, keep going, run harder.

Our last League game before Nationals on the other hand (ignoring the fact that I failed to stop a huck that won the other team the game, lesson learned) - I got my first hand block! I (feel like I) totally layed out! (Uh no, I didn't catch the disc, what does that matter?) I got an awesome high grab! (Which makes two in two weeks!) So lots of good things happened that I can use to make myself believe I may just have learned a few things this year, which is nice.

So, goals for Nationals: Play well. Cut in such a manner as to result in someone saying "You cut SO WELL in that game." Don't be lazy. Anticipate better on D. Don't throw anything away. Cut from the right front corner of the end zone to the back middle to the left front for the swing pass, catch and score. For Indies to be ultimate.

(You can keep up with all the ultimate happenings at #AUC10 on Twitter.)

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  1. Too late for advice, so I won't bother. You would have taken no notice anyway.

    Last day of play tomorrow.

    Run girl, run!!


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