Sunday, June 01, 2014

Otherwise engaged

I realised I forgot a few parts of the original engagement announcement, so let's keep talking about it!

We watched some of a country footy game on the Saturday which was really fun.
And that's the end of that part of the update.

We went to The Fiance's parents' house on the way home from our weekend away and told them. I Skyped with my parents when we got home. They all already knew it was happening! I was the only one in the dark.

I had a great time showing the ring off at work on Monday and frisbee on Wednesday. I got an especially great reaction at frisbee (and by great I mean incredibly loud and high-pitched). I've pretty much got the story down. I just alter the amount of shit I give him for being nervous, depending on my audience.

I had to give it back to get resized on Thursday, and I immediately regretted not being more sympathetic to friends who have been in the same situation. I miss it! It will be back in 5-7 days, and yes I am absolutely counting down.

Okay so he bought the ring and I think they put some of his details into their computer at the time. But then they got more details when we took it back in, so it wasn't like they couldn't have put in someone else's details instead. And then HE signed for it, and they are going to call HIM when HIS ring is ready to pick up. Is that weird? I get that it's probably just how the computer system works, but there was no acknowledgement of this at all.

We have dinner with his extended family this week, and I won't have the ring to show them. But I had to give it back at some point and I definitely need it the week after to show people. Some people at work still haven't seen it because they weren't around til I gave it back!

We get back from our trip at the end of August and I figure it will take a couple months to plan the engagement party. Which would put us at the end of October, which is our four year anniversary! It's nice when things work out. (Obviously they haven't worked out yet, because I haven't done a thing past look at pretty dresses and see if I can hire a Gumdrop car in Adelaide, but it appears as if the timing might work out and then I will be very happy.)

We put it up on Facebook today, after spending the week notifying the people we wanted to notify by some other method than stupid social media taking over our lives. I made up a newspaper article so it wouldn't seem so damn internety and put up a photo of the two of us which exemplfies us as a couple - Jony saying/doing something that I disapprove of but can't help laughing about as I tell him off.


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