Monday, May 26, 2014


I have exciting news - the most exciting news that this blog has ever seen... Jonathon and I are engaged!

(That was the TL;DR version - the rest might be too much me recording the minute details for posterity to be of any interest to anyone else.)

We have been together for just over three and a half years and we are both nearly 30. That is more than enough time for people to start asking when we will be getting married. To those people I can now say with utmost confidence: Um yeah definitely sometime.

We had been planning to take a weekend away together for a long time. I think it was January when we said, we are too busy, we need to find a free weekend. And we did. In May! So in that way this was not that suspicious - we had decided on the date together. He had said he would plan it, but one or the other of us has booked trips in the past, so still no big deal.

This picture does not belong here, but I just really like it.
On the morning of, he let me get McDonalds for breakfast (a road trip tradition) and we drove south. Which narrowed down my guessing options by about half. We stopped for morning tea at the Mount Compass bakery. Our food was delicious, as food is that comes from a country town bakery.

We then went on to Wirra Wirra winery for some wine tasting and a lovely picnic. We met an adorable puppy named Dilbert, and I think we shall name our first child after him. (No, we won't.)

After the picnic, we did another wine tasting in McLaren Vale, before heading off to our accommodation for the night.

As you can see, it was kind of okay. Our room had a fireplace and a four-poster bed!

Then came the most exciting part of the weekend (almost). High Society was on TV so we started it watching before we left for dinner. What a good movie! Go watch it.

We had dinner at a lovely restaurant, and we discovered what Rillettes is. Kind of like pate, just so you know. Ours was duck, and quite delicious! I had ocean trout, he had kangaroo. We decided we didn't need dessert so headed off back to our fireplace.

Here's where we get to the good part! We got the fire going, and as we were about to sit down in front of it with a glass of wine, he tells me he has something for me and sits me down on a couch. He makes me close my eyes while he goes to his bag, then comes back and he pulls me so I am standing and he is holding my hand. He tells me he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me (awww) and he kneels down and asks me to marry him!!!

I say yes (of course) (repeatedly) and am kissing and hugging him while he's still on the floor. He manages to stand up and I realise I barely saw the ring. He takes it out and puts it on my finger - while his hands were shaking so much!

It's very sparkly.
 And then we were engaged! Like grown-up people do!

And oh god, I am so happy. My cheeks are still sore from smiling, and I was fairly useless at work today what with all the daydreaming I was doing, and I sent him a mushy text message the likes of which I have never sent to anyone. We are extremely coupley in the worst/best way, and take every opportunity to drop the word fiance/e into a sentence.

The wedding I imagine will be in a year from when we start planning it - and that won't be til well after we get back from our trip (oh yeah, forgot to tell you that we're going to Europe for five weeks soon). As I currently have multiple travel spreadsheets going and many guidebooks covering our kitchen table, I am not in the mood to plan anything else right now - but that didn't stop me from joining Pintrest and googling wedding dresses.




  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I am so happy for you! What wonderful news and what a wonderful engagement weekend. Yay!


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