Friday, July 08, 2011

This week is Remember How You Have A Blog? Week

Every "summer" I get excited for Camp Stimey, which may seem odd, since I am not a little kid nor do I own any. But I still love the idea, and I love parents who put in effort. Plus I am still holding out hope that ultimate frisbee will make an appearance in a Sports Week.

Since I am at uni now, and therefore have some holidays that coincide with Camp Stimey, I have decided to hold my own right here.

***Brief interlude while I talk about uni: I had an interesting semester. I was working too much and playing too much frisbee (it was Nationals! What was I supposed to do?!) during the first half of semester, but I settled down in the later weeks, and managed to get erratically consistent results. By which I mean in one class I consistently got Passes, one I consistently got Credits, one Distinctions, and one Ds/HDs. Until I absolutely ruined it, by getting a HIGH DISTINCTION for my major assignment in my P class. I had one exam which I think I did ok in; I expect a Credit if the pattern holds.***

Anyway, on to my plan! The first week (last week), was Catch-Up Week. My exam was on Monday and I didn't get a sleep-in til Friday, as I'd packed all the other days with catch-ups of the old work friends, sibling, and boyfriend varieties.

This week was Organising Week. I moved my room entirely around. I found approximately ten bajillion bobby pins, broke a vacuum, and did something not good to my back. I wish I had photos, because I loved the before: it included a sleeping alcove and a couch! The after includes two whole new bookcases which are already not enough space for my books. I also packed up all this semester's uni stuff, organised my hard drive, made myself a new car-driving CD, and may even do my taxes.

I have decided that next week will be Books And Movies Week, as I have a massive pile of library books all ready to go. It may also be Knitting Week, as I had planned to double my scarf-knitting from last year and knit TWO scarves this year and am yet to start even one.

(Just realised I'm not actually sure how many weeks I have. Ah well.)

The week after that will be Gym Week, as it will be (less than, since I wanted to read books and watch tv and movies) three months until Mixed Nationals, and that should be just the right amount of time to develop a six pack get me into shape. During Gym Week I will go to the gym every day! I will be so enthused! I will able to train hardcore for seven days straight, despite having not done any strenuous exercise for quite some time!

Pretty sure the week after that will be Whinging About Going Back To Uni So Soon (And Why Is My Body Acting Like It Hates Me?) Week.

Also, I know I have been an irregular poster here, but you should check out our Book Challenge Blog, where we are FORCED to read books not of our choosing and then write about them!

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  1. Ultimate frisbee day. I have to let that sink in for a minute. That would be AWESOME. I might have to do that just for you.

    I could stand to follow along with your weeks myself. Organizing and gym week in particular.

    Next week is Water Week at Camp Stimey, so get your flippers ready!


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