Thursday, July 14, 2011

Here You Go / Just Kidding

I have a question that I would really really appreciate some input on. It is a frisbee question.

Team A knows that they will not have enough players to field a team for the Grand Final. Team A's captain advises the League of this.

The League advises the captain of Team B that Team A forfeits, and therefore Team B has won the Grand Final, congratulations.

At the last minute, all grand final games are postponed (by which I mean other grades such as Mens Div 1 and 2, as well as Womens).

Do Team A and Team B play their Grand Final the next week?

First there is a question of whether Team A forfeited the week or the game. If they foreited the week, then the game is on the next week. But if they forfeited the game, as in, they knowingly forfeited the grand final, then the forfeit stands.

If you look at it as just another week: I think for the most part people would be happy to have a game to play, and given that the stakes would ordinarily not be so high in a regular-season game, it would end up being replayed the next week. However, I think the first point still applies, and a case could be made for the forfeit to stand.

I can't help thinking that this is the risk you take with a pre-advised forfeit. In this league there is no fine for a forfeit, unlike some I've played, so pre-advising is just a courtesy to the other team. However, on the day, it could have been quite possible for Team B to also not be able to field a team (due to, in this case, players returning late from a tournament). If Team A hadn't pre-advised and Team B also didn't show, then - if games weren't cancelled - it would have been a double forfeit, or - if they were - there would have been no question about whether the game was to be replayed.

Do Team A and Team B play the next week?

PS SPOILER: Team A and Team B do play the next week. Team A has 7 players and Team B only has 6, and yet TEAM B WINS!!!

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