Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I have some issues...

My main issue at this moment is my insane lack of unallocated time. Uni, work, frisbee - there is no free time in the world. Bitching time, however, oh there's plenty of that:

There's always one. I know this. There's always that one annoying person in your class, and you can't do anything about it, and you just have to suck it up. But seriously, this is ridiculous. The sheer irrelevance of everything she has to say is astounding. But what gets me is the arrogance of "helpfully" "clarifying" something the lecturer has said THAT WAS PERFECTLY CLEAR TO THE REST OF US ANYWAY OMG SHUT UP. Grr. Ok. I'll be over here, trying not to roll my eyes tooo hard.

Who decided that -785937537 degrees was a temperature at all conducive to study? Show me your research. I can disprove whatever you've got.

Slides. Something no lecturer is without. But can we just revisit the point of slides? If all you are going to do is read something that I have (printed and on a screen) right in front of me, I might as well have stayed home. Slides are for notes, lectures are for lecturing. I will of course complain about how much writing I have to do, but I would much rather be actively note-taking than having a nap. (Wait, that doesn't sound right...)

What happened to mandatory ten-minute breaks every hour?

And for that matter, although this is no-one's fault really, what's with finishing class on the hour? Flinders started on the hour and finished at ten to. Now UniSA starts at ten past and finishes on the hour. This is not a major problem, except for when I am sitting in class counting down the seconds, and the clock finally ticks over to ten to ... and I still have ten minutes to go. The longest ten minutes IN THE WHOLE WORLD EVER, let me assure you.

Uni is quite vexing, as it turns out.

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