Monday, March 14, 2011

All I Needed Was Some Uni Work To Put Off

I am back at uni, a different uni this time, one not built on a hill. Not that that means less stairs, because every single one of my classes is on the third floor or above. I am doing a Masters course with a very long name, but if people ask what I'm studying I just say Library Management.

I'm taking four classes (which is standard, is it standard elsewhere?) and I managed to fit all of them onto one day. Which: yay for working the other full days, but also: 9am til 7pm with a one hour break. Yeah. The names of those four classes are pretty much just different variations in the order of the words 'management,' 'information,' and 'project.' Those words are also the basis for the drinking game I plan to play as I do my readings.

And jeez there are a lot of readings. I should be doing them in all the spare time that uni students have, but did I mention the working full time thing? That will start to slow down soon, and Nationals is only weeks away, so soon I will have a life. Right? Please?

I am enjoying uni, even if most of my classes fall under the "boring businessy stuff" category and not "exciting new library career path" one. All my essays are short, I only have one exam (worth 50%!) ("Shut up," says a certain little brother now at uni, but I can't hear him over the sound of his four 70% exams), and I get to design a mobile phone app. Learning - it's what all the cool kids are doing.


  1. You had me all ready to abandon everything I'm doing here and go back to school (because, yes, all the cool kids are doing it) until you said "full time job" in addition to four classes. That sounds less fun.

    If only there were a way to be a professional student and just get to take classes all the time without having to, you know, support yourself.

  2. Shut up...

    And how do you even managed to get your classes to all fit on one day? That is so not fair.

    Also, I think I will make my own drinking game, whenever I have to do something with 'x' maybe...


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