Saturday, July 18, 2009

Not even going and can't find another topic

Whoo BlogHer!

Apparently it's that time again, and to say it's snuck up on me actually means a lot when you consider how religiously I counted down to it last year. Of course, that may have been because I was going then, and I'm not now, so ... yeah.

Here are my tips: Talk to people. Have fun. Take photos.

People will talk to you. You will talk to people and they will talk back to you. You will not talk to everyone. You will have an awesome time. You will want to remember it.

If you're struggling for what to say, try these: I love your shoes. Hi, I'm [whoever] which leads to them saying hi back. What was your favourite session? Do you have a card wow what an interesting blog name / picture / tagline. Where are you from which leads to wow I have a relative / never been / always wanted to go there.

I kind of hate the question 'What is your blog about?' although you should have an answer ready. How about 'What is your favourite post you've ever written?' which might seem kind of weird but I think it will lead to more discussion.

And also you can cover anything you do/say with 'I'm asking everyone this' which totally legitimises anything, cos it's a THING you're DOING. Like, for reals.


  1. "What is my favorite post? Well, that would be the one that's generated the most traffic, and the largest number of comments, 'The Strange Case of the Headless Rabbit.' It's about this one time when my cousin found a rabbit in there yars with its head completely missing. Did you know there are people all over the world who are finding headless rabbits in their yards? Why, my blog is now the #1 result for the Google terms 'headless rabbit' - or was, until some other guy stole my spot while pointing back to my blog, and...hey, where are you going?"

  2. Eeeks. That should read "my cousin found a rabbit in her yard." I was sleepy when I wrote that.

  3. Don't worry, I have never had a decent topic in any of my posts.

    Odyssey is prob my fave post, simply because it was fun to write.

    DB, don't worry, we knew what you meant.

  4. totally agree with all of these tips. woo blogher, i can't wait at all!


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