Friday, July 31, 2009

Meet Nepture. Or maybe Sebastian. Or Eric.

This post is for skywalker, who I'm pretty sure is thisclose to flying down here and stabbing me with my own unicorn if I don't get these pictures up rightnow.

A. For Christmas last year, skywalker and I both got little magnet men, which provided us much entertainment on our Great Ocean Road Trip, as a campervan is basically all metal, and magnet men and metal go together like, um, unicorns and mermaids. (This may or may not make sense in a paragraph or so.)

I had the brilliant idea of taking photos of our little men and sending them as postcards, going back and forward until someone ran out of awesome poses. As it turns out, I was the only one to have any awesome, as I'm still waiting for the return postcard.

Abs of steel, or some kind of lightweight metal alloy I'd imagine.

B. When my awesome brother went on his awesome Odyssey trip, he not only bought me a beautiful silver ring that I wear every day, he also went to "a glass place" (I'm pretty sure that was the full and complete description I got) and bought me ...

... Neptune! I'm pretty sure his name is Neptune. However, it may be Sebastian or even Eric. Follow this awesome logic: Unicorns are big in Veronica Mars. Veronica Mars lives in Neptune. Neptune was king of the sea in The Little Mermaid (and, I'm sure, other things like mythology and shit) which featured Sebastian and Eric. It makes perfect sense, really. What do you think his name is?

A+B. Nepbasric appears somewhat more aggressive than I had intended, as Magneto was supposed to be gently patting him on the head, but I guess he took offense at that or whatever, lesson learned.

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  1. Thank you MissE. we love you!

    And my acrobot broke...


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