Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wedding Planning Step 1: Find A Venue

As we both had time off between Christmas and New Years, we made a plan to make a plan. That is, we committed to finding and booking a wedding venue.

I of course immediately created a comprehensive spreadsheet. Adelaide is surrounded by wineries, and all of the weddings that we've been to have been at wineries. BUT The Fiance had also known someone who'd been married at the State Library. He is a qualified teacher-librarian, I am a qualified librarian and current book-buyer, it's very us.

The Mortlock Wing of the State Library looks like this:*

Pretty awesome.

We met up with the person in charge of events, who showed us a list of available dates, including Halloween weekend - our 5 year anniversary! What could be better?! And then she grabbed her pen, CROSSED OUT our perfect date, and I was a bit sad. (But I got over it.)

The ceremony and reception will both be in the building, and they handle food, drinks, tables, etc, so in one fell swoop, we were seriously on our way to planning a wedding!

*The ground level and balcony will be ours, and there's all kinds of dusty books and maps and displays around the place. No decorations required!

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