Friday, January 24, 2014

Tri your hardest

As soon as I started packing up my things at the end of the day today, I freaked out. I should be blissfully happy about the prospect of a long weekend, but as soon as work was over for the day, I couldn't pretend that the triathlon was off somewhere in the future. Friday afternoon means the weekend is here, which means oh crap, my triathlon is here.

I am really really not looking forward to the swim. I had a bad session last week, when we timed ourselves for the first time, although I had a better session this week. I just freak out and pull my head out of the water (sometimes for no reason that even I know), which stops any momentum I might have going. But I have decided that I have to take ten breaths before I am allowed to stop and look up, which should be about 25 metres. So I should be done with the swim by the time everyone else is done with the bike.

The bike is practically guaranteed to be my favourite event. No idea if I'll be any good at it (probably not), but I won't be in danger of drowning or feeling like I'm dying after doing two and a bit events, so I am going to love it.

I will just plod away at the run. We haven't practiced too much distance running, so I do not think I will be enjoying myself by this stage. But there will be the added incentive of, you know, being able to stop and never do this again, so that might propel me forwards somewhat.

Basically, my goals are as follows:
  • Look competent enough in the water that the lifeguard guys don't ask me if I need help.
  • Finish the swim before the next wave does. Or at least too many of the next wave.
  • Don't get told off by the transition marshals.
  • Remember to put my shirt on before my helmet.
  • Have no trouble putting up my bike.
  • Finish.
Race report to come, which will no doubt be much more cheerful than this post. Wish me luck!


  1. Wishing you luck - and have fun.

    1. Thanks! And I'll try :)


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