Saturday, October 12, 2013

Next goal: don't die.

After our amazing success in the City to Bay, my running buddy and I immediately signed for a 10k to be held in a month's time.

I promptly got sick and couldn't run for two weeks, did a couple of runs, went away for a long weekend, came back and did a couple of runs, and now here we are on the night before the race.

This race is not like that other race.

To say I have trained for this one would be a vast overstatement. We are basically back to my very early goal for City to Bay, which was simply: to not die. And the one after that, which was: don't stop to walk. I do have a goal time, but given the lack of serious prep and my extremely unimpressive time 7k time yesterday (the only race I felt was a significant enough distance to bother timing since City to Bay), I am doubtful about our ability to meet it. (Also running buddy is totally injured, so I don't have to feel bad about holding her back.)

Oh! I have to tell you about the first run I did after being sick for two weeks. Maybe the second, otherwise I decided to run 7 ks straight off the bat. Smart. Anyway: Sunday morning, the worst time ever for a run. The boyfriend was with me, pretty sure he was hungover. It was ridiculous how terribly we both did. There was much walking involved, as well as bending over with hands on knees. It was kind of funny that we were both so so bad.

I'm sure tomorrow won't be like that.

Plus! Since the event is actually a half-marathon, our 10k group doesn't start til 9:15! That's almost the afternoon!

Goal time: One hour. Six-minute kilometers. We can maybe do this. Then again, maybe not and I won't be upset the way I would've been if we didn't meet our City to Bay goal. But it's something to aim for.

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