Sunday, October 30, 2011

One Year (and assorted other exciting events that occurred this weekend)

It was a dark and stormy night, one year ago...
I said yes to a nice boy who'd asked me to go the movies. This weekend we celebrated our one year (dating) anniversary, and I'm pretty damn happy about that.

Friday night was a Halloween Party. The next day I attended a high tea for a hens night, before heading to the drinking and games portion of the evening, before heading to our One Year Dinner, before heading to a birthday party. It was a busy day, let's say. We'll just run through the highlights:

Halloween: I spent the afternoon listening to the soundtrack from The Nightmare Before Christmas and putting the finishing touches to my costume - which included a cape AND a purple wig. Best costume ever.

High Tea: I drank tea! (I do not ever drink tea or coffee or things that are hot unless they are soup in which case it has to be in a bowl with a spoon and not in a cup. So this was a big deal. I had strawberry tea!)

Hens Night: It is really hard to not cross your legs. And to not hold your drink in your right hand.

Partying It Up: I feel sorry for boys, who are the ones who do the drink-buying. We scored free drinks from two kids who looked to be about twelve years old - even after they were shown my friend's wedding ring. Aww.

I Saved The Best For Last: For our One Year Dinner, I wasn't allowed to know where we were heading (which, also, I had to dress appropriately for all of these events at once. It is a magic dress indeed that is appropriate for tea with your grandma and drinking from a penis straw and making your bf happy he's dating you and getting hit on at a pub), but it turned out to be an extremely fancy and nice restaurant, where they give you palette cleansers in between your courses and put your napkin on your lap and there's too many knives and forks. Also there was delicious food there that I've never had or heard of and looks tiny but somehow you love it and it fills you all up.

The company wasn't half bad, either. We decided to give another year a go.

Edited to add: This picture, of the dress for all seasons:

1 comment:

  1. 1. You were Kick Ass. AWESOME.

    2. I can drink tea, but I also avoid hot drinks (no coffee ever, hot chocolate maybe once a year...). I hope you didn't burn your mouth.

    3. Congratulations on your one year! May there be many more!


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