Thursday, May 12, 2011

Book-Sharing Challenge

Between my brother and I, we belong to about seven different libraries. We like to read, and we like to force our books on each other share what we read. Sometimes we are too busy, however, and the other person is all, "But dude, it's awesome. You really need to read it. Like, now."

And so, the Book-Sharing Challenge has begun.

Each month, one of us recommends a book for the other. The next month, the recommendee writes a post reviewing the recommender's choice. Then we switch.

This is a good way to:
Make me read something that's not a textbook and do something with my free time that isn't watch One Tree Hill.
Discover new authors.
Talk to each other. Although, we are seeing each other twice a week (as a result of our unofficial Sport-Sharing Challenge, where he plays ultimate and I play wheelchair basketball), so maybe that's not really necessary.

The first ever challenge is already up, and in between Challenges/Challenge Reviews we will be posting other book- and reading-related stuff, so if you're into that kind of thing, you should stop by.

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