Sunday, July 25, 2010

Eating And Driving

This visit from the boys was a little different to our past ones. No big trips were scheduled - no Great Ocean Road or Odyssey Trip. No old favourites were automatically pencilled in - probably due to the mere six month gap between this and the last visit.

Instead we had zero plans, unless they were of the Last Minute or What Should We Do Tomorrow? or That Sounds Cool variety. This resulted in what shall be known as the Holiday Of Eating And Driving.

We ate at bakeries, pubs, pancake houses, all-you-can-eat diners. We drove north (to a wheelchair basketball game that just finished), south (to the Fruchocs factory, where we proceeded to add imperfect chocolates to our menu), east (to Hahndorf, home of bakery, pub, and elusive doughnut place), and ... actually we didn't drive west, as that's the beach, and this is winter.

It was the holiday of frisbee, BSG, card games, and books. And for the old guys it was the holiday of woodturning.

It was pretty awesome, as always.

1 comment:

  1. It was a pretty awesome fortnight.

    I specially liked the frisbee practice night, where everybody but me got cold and wet!

    And the chocolate factory was good.
    First chocolate factory I've ever visited.

    But next time I visit I'll buy a map.
    getting lost all the time is tooooo stressful.

    Who are the old wood-turning guys - I'd like to meet them. I do a bit of wood-turning myself.


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