Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Phone Manners

I was looking at a book yesterday about blogs and the internet, which devoted an entire chapter to 'netiquette' - don't write emails all in caps, don't respond to trolls, things like that. It finished with a lovely 'be nice to people on the internet' kind of message.

However, I'm thinking that someone needs to write a book along the same lines about mobile phones. And the manners associated therewith.

It will discuss, primarily, what I have recently determined to be my Rule #1: NO PHONE CONTACT BETWEEN 10PM AND 10AM.

If I could turn my phone off when I go to sleep, I would. However, I frequently get 'called in' by work at the uncivilized hour of 8:30 or 9am, and I like money, so my phone has to stay on. This, unfortunately for me (as I like my sleep sometimes even more than my money), has led to phone calls or messages being received at the following times in the past week: 7:34am, 12:30am, 8:58am, and 9:07am. THIS IS NOT COOL.

Please see Rule #1 and you may also note that emails are really effective, quieter than a phone call or text message, and will be answered if I am awake (something I can't promise with a midnight text message, which is just as likely to be deleted and my phone hurled across the room. Then you'll never get an answer.).


  1. Oh hellz yeah.

    Any calls/messages after 10pm send me into a freaking panic attack thinking someone is dead or something.

    Cause SERIOUSLY? If you feel the need to text me at 3am you better be bleeding.


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