Sunday, May 10, 2009

Water Play

I'm back from Darwin now, in freezing cold Adelaide. Bleh. My fingers are in the first stages of frostbite (not really, because we have our gas heater on here in the study, a thing we never used the entire time it was a BoyHouse, and ... why, exactly?) so we're just going to focus on the thing that was my main focus while I was up there: water.

My hostel had a pool (I stayed at a backpackers in the city, it was fun and cheap) and I spent some time there just chillaxing. The new-look Leanyer Water Park now has a bucket AND waterslides, and the brand new (and not just to me) Wave Pool opened the Saturday I was there.

Now, Adelaide has waterslides, but they are at the Beach House at the Bay and they cost, a fair bit. Darwin water slides? Free. Niiice.

Adelaide does not have a wave pool, and I'm not really sure how many there are in Australia. The only one I've ever been to was at Mountain Creek Water Park while I was at summer camp (which, it turns out, is in New Jersey. Did I know I'd been to New Jersey?). Darwin's wave pool? Eight bucks for a full day. I am certain you will not find a wave pool that cheap in many other places. (Although I just looked up Mountain Creek's prices, and it's possible I overestimated how much these places would charge. Hmm.)

Good work, NT Government. We do love our water up there.


  1. haha yay for water parks and water in general, looks like fun.

  2. The wave pool looks like lots of fun, you have to come back up so we can go together! I'm so disappointed I missed out on your trip up here.


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